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Welcome all to this site, I’m very glad you are here. The information presented on this site is profound and shocking. We are living in perilous times of great deception and lying wonders. I pray that you find edification here. As you will see in my testimony I was and am a skeptic. I did not want to believe that our Bibles were supernaturally changing, but the evidence is overwhelming. I am convinced.

I was born into a lower middle class family with two siblings, and raised by my mother. She brought us up in the church and did the best she could. My experience was mostly evangelical complete with summer camps.I have very fond memories of those people and times.

Then, starting in my later teens I strayed from the faith. A combination of hormones, rebellion, indoctrination into evolution and partying took me on a pretty dark course. Science was my new god along with a very carnal lifestyle.

Along the way I had many professors in college who would reinforce my atheistic beliefs. I was studying medicine and took many courses steeped in evolutionary studies. All I was ever exposed to was  anti-God, anti-Bible and anti-Christian propaganda. How we all congratulated ourselves (even as underclassmen) that we were not like the ignorant Christians.

I was going to be a doctor, one of the celebrated academic elite!  Then, my out of control lifestyle caught up with me and destroyed my dream of being a doctor. At the time it was devastating. Looking back though it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

My life fell apart, but I was still always learning. One day my mother gave me a book “Creation and Time” by a Christian astronomer named Dr Hugh Ross. I was very skeptical. How could a Christian be a scientist? Is this a joke? I read it and what he had to say shocked me and rocked my world. I had never heard such a powerful argument against evolution. It was iron clad. I knew right away that evolution could not possibly be true.

In case you are wondering what he said in the book that was so conclusive, I’ll try to re-tell it as briefly as possible. My numbers are not accurate because I no longer have the book, but you’ll see why it was such a powerful argument.

It started out with the question: “What are the chances that we are here?” Then starting at the subatomic level and working up, he said: (the numbers here are not right, this is just to illustrate)

  • If you changed the weak atomic force by one part in 30,000 we could not be here.
  • If you changed the strong atomic force by one part in 100 we could not be here.
  • If you changed the electromagnetic force by one part in 40 we could not be here.
  • If you changed the gravitational force by one part in 10 we could not be here.
  • If you changed the distance to the Sun by one part in 5 we could not be here.
  • If you changed the distance to the moon by one part in 4 we could not be here.
  • If you changed the properties of the water molecule we could not be here.
  • If you changed the properties of the carbon atom we could not be here.

I don’t remember every point he made, but it was very, very convincing.The odds against our universe being this finely tuned for life are probably beyond the ability of statisticians to calculate.

Thanks to Dr Ross, my mothers gentle nudging, and the calling of the Holy Spirit I was brought out of the darkness. Fortunately I remembered from my youth how to be saved and got down on my knees. 24 years ago and gave my life to Jesus Christ. If you are not saved I hope you will do the same. May the Lord richly bless all of you!

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My son Jordan, daughter Erin and myself out for dinner.

Me and my granddaughter.

Me and my granddaughter again.

My son James.

Erin riding – what a cutie!.